4 Youtube Fitness Channels That Will Help You Get In Shape From Home

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We’ve heard every excuse in the book to skimp out on your workout. “I never have the time.” “A gym membership costs too much,” etc.  Utilize Mark-Taylor’s very last Sunset Celebration of the summer at San Milan on Saturday, August 26th as motivation.  Take advantage of these YouTube fitness channels in your Mark-Taylor living room or state-of-the-art fitness center to switch it up and achieve a successful workout.  All you will need is your computer or phone!

Tone It Up

This extremely popular fitness duo, Karena and Katrina, produce short, diverse workout videos set against beautiful backdrops, like the beach. Their warm, bubbly personalities will make you feel like you are working out with your BFF. If you are someone who needs accountability and support to stick to a fitness routine, Tone It Up has a huge social media community full of engaged followers sharing their progress and success stories.


Cassey Ho brings you the same Pilates strengthening workouts that you would pay $25 plus to take at a studio or gym. Her workouts are tough, but she has created a beginners series that focuses on form and basics.


Get your Yoga fix in the comfort of your living room. Time will no longer be an excuse since videos are between 10 and 20 minutes long. This is the perfect channel if you need to decompress after a day in the office.


These workouts are intense and challenging. The BodyRock channel gets really creative with their exercises and offers a hug variety of workouts. Like Tone It Up, the large community means that you can refer to their social pages for loads of motivation and support.