Ever think to use toothpaste as a blemish remover? We bet that you have numerous products within your Mark-Taylor digs that can serve as multiple uses!

Toothpaste goes far beyond the everyday duty of cleaning your teeth.  Some alternative uses for white paste are to fill small nail holes in your wall, or wipe off pen, crayon or marker marks on your walls – slap some paste on a wet towel and magically wipe the spots clean!


Coconut oil has an excess amount of other uses that can replace an array of products such as eye makeup remover, shaving cream, eczema cream, massage oil, non-stick cooking spray, vegetable oil, sun block, lip balm, cuticle oil, body lotion, Goo-gone, butter and shortening.

coconut oil

Along with toothpaste, a hair dryer has the ability to remove crayon from the wall as well.  Set your dryer to a high heat and put it up to the mark until the wax melts. Clean up the remaining residue with a sponge.  Iron out stubborn wrinkles on a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain but make sure you hold the hair dryer a foot away.  Dust places that are difficult to reach or are awkward to clean. By setting your dryer on cool, the dust will fly off.

hair dryer

Nail polish can be used various ways for pesky tasks such as sealing an envelope.  Coat nail polish underneath the flap if you want extra security to hold the envelope shut.  Brush clear nail polish on costume jewelry to prevent it from turning green or black.  If you have wooden hangers that have a rugged edge and may snag your clothes, put clear nail polish over the rough part to prevent thread pulls.

Nail Polish

Create a longer life for your milk by adding a pinch of salt and softly shake the container to mix. This will not alter the taste if you add in just a tiny bit. Get rid of the spots in your oven from food that has dripped; mix a pinch of salt along with a little cinnamon shortly after a spill, when the oven is still warm.  When the oven is cooled down, wipe away the mixture and the spill will come with it.  Viola!


Do you have boots in your closet that never stand up right and drive you crazy?  Wash out empty bottles of wine and drop them into your boots to help them retain their shape and stand up straight.  Wine bottles fit in the majority of boots and will not stretch them out.



Girls, utilize your make-up brushes to clean your keyboard on your computer.  The bristles on your brush will get out tiny unwanted pieces of dust and crumbs, just make sure your brushes are clean before wiping them all over your keyboard.

make up

Thanks to these clever tips and tricks, you’ll never fall short of supplies to get the job done!