5 Apartment Plants You Won’t Kill

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Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. These 5 plants don’t need a lot of TLC to thrive.

Aloe Vera: This air-purifying, sun-loving plant is perfect for the avid traveler. It can go for weeks without water.

Snake Plant: Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plants are ideal for people who do not know much about plants and their care. It doesn’t require any sunlight, so it is works great for brightening up a dark corner.

Dracaena: This low-light, low-maintenance plant has gorgeous arching leaves. It is the closest you will get to having a tree in your apartment.

Rubber Tree Plant: Besides being one of the very best houseplants for cleaning the air, the leaves on some varieties of rubber tree plants have a reddish tint. If you love bold pops of color this plant is for you.

Jade Plant: The jade plant is tough and resilient. It is also said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who water it.