Smell-Good Suggestions To Fragrant Your Home


Smell tends to be one of the first things someone notices when they walk into a home. We can associate certain smells with certain memories or experiences, and it’s more than likely that when it’s your own door we’re walking through we would like it to be a good one. Consider these scent suggestions for your Mark-Taylor digs, and soon your neighbors will be asking you for aroma advice!



No, we’re not referring to your Grandma’s dated version. You can modernize this concept by putting your own spin on it. Opt for mixing in your choice of dried herbs, woods and essential oils. Sage, eucalyptus and douglas fir always makes for a heavenly combo.


Oil Diffuser

You’d be delightfully surprised to find how contagious the scents from diffisers can be! This option can completely fill a home with your pick of essential oil and does so in a subtle and welcoming way. Eucalytpus makes for a great day-to day, while lavender can be ideal for winding down.


DIY Jelly Air Freshener

This option allows you to get a bit craftier. These all-natural scent emitters give off sweet scents from gelatin, water, essential oil and salt. You can find the complete DIY tutorial here.


Citrus Garbage Disposal Freshener

Part of ensuring your home’s fresh smelling scent involves damage control. This means taking the trash out, doing your laundry and keeping your kitchen spic and span! Garbage disposals are a huge culprit in cringe-worthy smells, so these citrus scented refreshers are essential!